Park Heights

Lives forever touched in Park Heights

Our work at B-More Dog isn’t always easy. What makes us able to help dogs and their families are our amazingly caring volunteers like Kimm. We met Eric and his 3 small dogs at September’s B-More Dog Clinic in Park Heights. They arrived in style in a special shopping cart to Eric could bring all 3 of his dogs the several blocks walk to the Clinic. He knew they needed attention. Our vet examined Eric’s dog Pepper and found her to be seriously ill and in need of an in-depth veterinary work-up.

In the week following the Clinic, Kimm drove back and forth three times from her home, to Park Heights to Academy Animal Hospital, transporting the gravely ill Pepper, and her sister, Lucy, who was spayed through B-More Dog’s free spay/neuter program. Unfortunately, Pepper was found to be suffering with late-stage heart failure had to be put to sleep. Before she left this earth, Kimm took a beautiful photo of Pepper with her Dad Eric. Kimm then framed it for him, so Eric will always have it to treasure.

Our partners at Academy Animal Hospital and Animal Advocates of Howard County made veterinary care possible for these dogs and we can’t thank them enough.

We sincerely thank our volunteer, Kimm, as she embodies the spirit of B-More Dog’s mission to assist Baltimore’s dogs and their owners.

Without funds to continue these programs, and without our dedicated and compassionate volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to help dogs like Pepper and Lucy.

Without YOU, there would be no B-More Dog. Want to help make a difference? Donate today.