If we don’t teach our children kindness and compassion, we can’t expect them to be kind and compassionate.

B-More Dog is committed to providing free humane education programs to schools, after-school programs and summer camps.

B-More Dog's humane education program for children focuses on kindness to animals, meeting pets' basic needs, how to safely meet a new dog, and safety tips for when a child is approached by an unknown stray dog. Part of the curriculum allows children to practice meeting a dog by utilizing the techniques we teach to greet Ruby-Doo, a therapy dog who happens to be a pit bull. Our experience from dozens of outreach events has demonstrated that a significant number of children in Baltimore City schools are afraid of dogs in general, and they seem especially afraid of pit bull-type dogs. Ruby helps dispel stereotypes by literally "smooching" away many children's fear of meeting a pit bull. 

In addition to B-More Dog's own program, we are thankful for our partnering organizations, Project Mickey and ReLove Animals, who help us reach as many of Baltimore's children as possible.

To request a visit to your school, camp, or program, email: info@bmoredog.org.