Sterilizing your dog so s/he cannot have puppies--spay surgery for females and neuter surgery for males-- has many health benefits.

  1. Spaying helps your female dog live a longer, healthier life.   Spaying helps prevent breast cancer and uterine infections, which is fatal in about 50% of dogs. Spaying your pet before her first heat offers the best protection.
  2. Neutering provides health benefits for your male dog too.  Neutering your male dog eliminates testicular cancer.
  3. Your neutered male dog won't be as likely to roam away from home. An intact male dog will have the urge to try to find a mate, which often leads to males trying to run away or digging under the fence to escape and find a female in heat. Once free to roam, the dog risks getting hurt in traffic or by getting in fights with other males.
  4. Spaying & neutering can save you the expense of an unwanted litter. It is very expensive, messy, and a lot of work to care properly for a litter of puppies for 8 weeks! 
  5. Spaying & neutering helps fight pet overpopulation and homelessness. Every year, millions of dogs of all breeds are euthanized or suffer as strays. You wouldn’t want your pet’s puppies to suffer such a fate.