Their paws are in our hands.

B-More Dog Wellness Clinics keep dogs off the streets and out of shelters by providing services to help dog owners. Keeping dogs healthier and happier keeps dogs in their homes. B-More Dog knows all dog owners want to do their best for their dogs. We all need a little help sometimes.

Since 2011, B-More Dog's volunteers have provided aid to more than 2500 of Baltimore's dogs. In 2016 alone, B-More Dog served 300 dogs at four B-More Dog Clinic events with a variety of FREE services, including:

  • Brief vet exam, with access to medications for dogs in need,

  • Rabies vaccines and puppy shots,

  • Sign up for spay/neuter surgery,

  • Flea/tick and dewormer treatments,

  • Nail trims,

  • Supplemental dog food and treats,

  • Health and nutrition consultations,

  • Enrichment chew toys for dogs, and

  • A leash/collar check to replace unsafe equipment with sturdy leashes and collars.

Volunteers are always needed. Please complete our Volunteer Form to find out how to help!